The Final Countdown

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January 16, 2013 by cieramilo

I’m a list maker. While my attention to detail may not be as spot on as my boss would like it to be (I’m improving), I do make me a mean ass list. I love a priority chart and a strategic goal chart and a to do list with weighted points. It’s a freaking obsessions. So I also love countdowns. I listen to the radio for that reason. Give me a top 40 any day of any genre and I’m happy. Well, now, it’s the final Countdown, I can list the days, until my first fight.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, THE DAY.

To be honest I’m (still) nervous about everything surrounding the fight. But it feels like the fight itself is waiting for me like my freaking Birthday! I’m so ready to for it to just be here. So, since my self-soothing method is to make lists, obsessive lists, let’s see some of my lists.

To Do before Wednesday:
stay below 138 (NO EMOTIONAL EATING!!!!)
get shorts in the mail (let’s hope it works this time, geez moving sucks!)
get shorts hemmed (gotta look like girl!)
move more
push your 100% – hit harder, for longer, no breaks.
finally tell your mother that this is a real fight
Eat spinach and like it
Go an extra round every time – again, no breaks.
Channel Hugo (a guy I spar with sometimes, a freaking animal)
Know your aggression
Cry – but not in front of Jo…

Pros of Boxing
My Body Is Kickin’!!!! I mean damn, I look good!
I eat so much better, because I WANT to.
I don’t drink…wait, is that a pro?
I feel real energy through the day – even as a sicky
People notice the change
People notice the commitment, and my biceps…
Dreaming about boxing nightly – vivid subconscious.
Smoothies. Damn smoothies are good.
Confidence – I know it’s all “girlpoweryay”, but no really! I can cause damage, that’s nice.
Landing a long series with good timing and accuracy. Feels clean and…dangerous.
The feeling you get when you first successfully block, parry, and counter in a session – it’s like, “Hey!! Did you see that!!??? My body didn’t move like that before!! Now it totally does! BAM BAM!”

Cons of Boxing
Your hands hurt all the time
Your face hurts all the time
Lots of Laundry
Fighting with guys and girls who have years of experience on you, you get your ass handed to you…a lot. And I have a lot of ass to hand over, so it’s pretty embarrassing.
Yeah, that’s it. It’s worth the hurt and the time…and the ego-check


Love me a list. 9 days.


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