Two Weeks, blah blah blah

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January 10, 2013 by cieramilo

So the fight is two weeks away. Two weeks and three hours technically. I have to be honest, I’m nervous right now. Not nervous about my cardio level, my strength, speed, or skill. I think, for my first fight, these things have been pretty much nailed down. What I’m nervous about is….what am I going to wear? No lie.

I’m nervous about the production of the whole thing.  What do you do or wear or say at a weigh-in? Can I have at least 3 shots of Tequila at the party?  I know I’m gonna want one – I mean three – you know, to calm the nerves. (I will not have had a drink since New Years.) Where do my trainer and I stay? Where/what do I eat the day of? Anything? What do I DO until 5pm on Thursday, January 24th? A crossword puzzle? Yoga? What? AND WHAT DO I WEAR????

I’m pretty set about what’s going to happen in the ring. Even with a cold and loads of personal stress, I’m ready for this.

It’s everything surrounding this whole thing that is weighing on me. My job, my family, my friends, my more-than-friends, my not-so-much-anymore friends (Ha!), my car, my bank, my not-so bank (Ha!). You get the picture. But at the end of the day, I get to slow down (so-to-speak) and do something focused. I wouldn’t trade the exhaustion and pain for anything in the world.






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