Holiday Horrors: weight loss and Brian Kemp

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November 19, 2012 by cieramilo

Well, as of this morning I have about 10lbs still to lose before January. (Why on EARTH is this thing planned in January after my mother’s cinnamon rolls and Dad’s chicken noodles???? Ugh.) So, with the onset of the holiday eating season, the approaching Advent (redundant?), and a looming deadline to drop weight (and maintain power) – I’m going Paleo for all kinds of reasons. I’ve done it before (thanks CFB), and I’ll do it again….starting tomorrow….as I eat my Barbaritos quesadilla. Paleo diet is essentially meat and veggies. You’re not so much as depriving yourself as you are feeding your body what’s good for it. So…here’s to another lifestyle change thrown in the pot. Check out this other blog for really amazing Paleo Recipes: 


Also…have you heard the news about the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission (GAC) shutting down all professional combat sports in the state of Georgia, effective Dec 31, 2012? (My event, since it’s amateur, is still on.) The full story is complicated – I don’t fully understand it all. But essentially the man in charge of commissioning fights left for a similar position in California (following the money, folks), and the Sec of State, Brian Kemp, has made the decision not to replace him as he and the GAC fail to find a competent replacement.. This means that all pro-fights (boxing, kickboxing, MMA, Wrestling) in the state of Georgia will not be commissioned (regulated, and really ….. legal) which could result in horribly dangerous situations that should never happen in a real athletic event OR no fights at all and we (Georgians) lose the revenue and positive achievements that the sport brings.

Folks, don’t let this happen!! I could make a million cases for why combat sports should stay around and stay LEGAL. But they’re pretty obvious. Sign up here to show your support!


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